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Your guests will be sure to love Jody: fast paced, interactive and very funny! Magician Edinburgh, Jody is in demand to perform at parties and events all over the country.

Wherever Jody goes, he leaves a lasting impression by creating magical moments of laughter and wonder. Book Jody for your next event and do so with peace of mind knowing that his high quality entertainment will be remembered… forever!

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Jody is an expert in the performance art of magic that includes: close up, walk-around, table and stage! As a close up magician – and as the name suggests – the magic happens up close and right in front of spectators eyes…. No camera tricks involved! In many cases the magic is more than close up… it’s in the hands of the spectators! This is a powerful type of entertainment and Jody always makes sure that all guests have a VIP seat for an interactive and special performance. When working at tables, the performance is adapted to utilises both the table and seating arrangement of the spectators. Close up magic is perfect for walk-around type events that include: weddings, restaurants, parties and drinks receptions.

For a large private dinner sittings or for a room full of guests at a house party, Jody can perform his Parlour Magic: sometimes referred to as, Stand up, Parlour or Cabaret. In true Jody style, it is packed full of laughs, very interactive and leaves a lasting impression. Jody’s comedy stage show is ideal for larger, seated audiences and theatres. Whatever you occasion, Jody is very experienced in providing you with magic that is right for you!

Jody will recommend and perform the most suitable entertainment for you: Close up, walk-around, mix ‘n’ mingle, parlour or stage. Common type of events that Jody is booked for include private parties, drinks receptions, dinners, BBQ’s and boat parties. Contact Jody today and discuss your event requirements.

Magic Festival: The Secret Room (Lauriston Castle, Edinburgh)

Jody, Magician Edinburgh, turned ‘Mystery Tour Guide’ as he brought his bespoke show to The Secret Room at Lauriston Castle for the Edinburgh International Magic Festival. This brilliantly crafted and sell out show earned fantastic reviews as it was themed around the history, mystery and magic of one of Edinburgh’s hidden treasures.

Jody proposed the question: Could your environment affect your choices?

Guests were treated to an incredible journey, whilst making all the choices along the way. Numbers, Locations and famous Edinburgh and Scottish people were selected by the audience. Using an important stone tablet horoscope – located in the Southside of the building, reality became blurred with the magic of divination and a series of predictions and final twist revealed.

To read more about this show and unlock the secrets of the secret room, click the link below…

Unlock the Secrets of the Secret Room
Unlock the Secrets of the Secret Room

Edinburgh Magic Festival: The Secret Room

Location: Lauriston Castle, Edinburgh

I welcomed guests to The Study – A room steeped in history and mystery. Playing the role of Mystery Tour Guide (and not a magician from Edinburgh!), I explained that it is easy to get a feel for a place based on the things that we can see, however it is the things that are less obvious and things we cannot see that create the feeling of mystery. I directed the attention of our guests to something mysterious and fascinating that was hiding in plain sight.

I explained that in the book, called “The History of Scottish Philosophy”, the author George Campbell suggests that our environment can affect the decisions we make.  So, the question I proposed was this:

Is it possible that a place such as Lauriston Castle – can affect our choices?

We began our journey with a quest: a spectator had a free choice of identical envelopes, each containing a different outcome. Choose the wrong envelope and the quest for everyone would be over… Followed by an uncomfortable and awkward silence for the following 13 minutes! No pressure! Some of the indifferent choices included the following:

  • You have been found playing golf on the croquet lawn. End of Quest.
  • You have had an argument in the Japanese friendship garden. End of Quest.
  • You have mistakenly thought that the southern Italian furniture was from Ikea. End of Quest.

I’ll be honest and say, at this point, I did feel a bit like the Limmy character Falconhoof!

If the correct choice was chosen, then there would be reference made to the stone tablet found on the south-side of the Lauriston Castle building. The tablet, built into the wall, was an Astrological chart designed by John Napier – a famous Scottish mathematician.

This provided the premise for what was to follow.

The Astrological chart of divination (or Horoscope) dates back to ancient times and is based on the positioning of the moon, sun and planets. The constant movement of the planets means that the charts were sensitive to angles – hence the square within a diamond. With maths and numbers being at the very heart of astrology, mathematicians such as Pythagoras and John Napier believed that all objects and interactions had numerical relationships. 

magician edinburgh secret room horoscope

Would this prove to be true? Would our Astrological Chart be the divination between numbers and the choices made?

Only our guests of The Secret Room would find out.

Moving on, I explained that a standard deck of playing cards are derived from Tarot cards and, coincidentally, they also seem to tally with the Gregorian calendar: 52 cards in a deck represent the weeks of the year. The deck is made up 4 suits that represent each season of the year. Each suit has 13 cards that represent the 13 lunar cycles. If you add up all the spots in a deck, including the joker, that comes to 365. Coincidence? I’m not so sure!

In other words, a deck of playing cards where the perfect tool to help us complete our quest. A free card was then chosen by the audience. Not in a traditional sense, in that a card was selected from a pack, but by asking individual members of the audience to provide the information (value, colour and suit) they thought about. Each of the cards in this deck represented a week of the year that a famous Scot – past or present – was born on. A famous person was chosen and our own Horoscope was completed.

This is a type of magic and performance that I absolutely love to do. The magic is in the meaning and the meaning is magical.  It takes time to put something like this together. It requires research and the bringing together of knowledge – old and new – that really gets the creative juices flowing.  It is then a case of finely crafting the show before having the pleasure of perform it for people. I really find this whole experience challenging, invigorating and wonderfully satisfying.

Naturally, the show finished with a twist. I can’t tell you what that twist was but, the secret of The Secret Room is in the origins of the word Horoscope.

If you have a venue or theme for which you would like to create a show, then please do get in touch and I would be delighted to discuss it with you. Feel free to check out my Creative Magician Solutions page and you can Contact me here.

Edinburgh International Magic festival logo

Edinburgh International Magic Festival

Jody has performed at the amazing Edinburgh International Magic festival many times over the years as a close magician, stage entertainer and mystery tour guide! He has had sell out shows for The Secret Room and Aye Spy at Magic Fair.

The Secret Room is a unique magic show that is designed around the magic, mystery and history of the venue. Jody has finely crafted bespoke shows that weave together the fabrics of history with amazing entertainment. Shows include:

Stevenson’s Edinburgh – Robert Lou Stevenson: The Writers Museum

The Secrets of the Secret Room – The Study: Lauriston castle

Edinburgh International Fringe Festival logo

Edinburgh International Fringe Festival

In 2015, Jody debuted his new show – Aye Spy – at the world’s biggest arts festival. His show was awarded – Best Free Show – by the Edinburgh Evening News.

Aye Spy is a themed show based on the premise that Jody is a top level unemployed secret agent! This premise allows Jody to finely craft many skills that you would expect from a spy that are similar to that of a magician: deduction, seduction, mental agility, weapons, nerves of steel.

This action packed, comedy show is a rich blend of story telling and mind blowing magic!

Edinburgh Football club - Heart of Midlothian logo

Resident Magician in Edinburgh – Heart of Midlothian

Jody is currently the resident magician at Heart of Midlothian Football Club. He performs for sponsors in the club museum and in the hospitality suit before games. As a youngster, he made several appearances for the Edinburgh club at youth level as goalkeeper. His most memorable game being the warm up match before the Hearts v Man Utd pre-season friendly in front of 8000 fans. Jody always had the reflexes of a Ninja and intuition of of a Jedi. Many years later he has returned to the Edinburgh club to become a regular fixture for entertaining the sponsors and hospitality lounges.

You can watch the Hearts video, and see a brief cameo appearance from Jody in the sponsors lounge.

Edinburgh International Science Festival logo

Edinburgh International Science Festival

Jody specialises in using magic as a learning tool to engage kids with maths and science. As a former teacher of computing and award winning professional magician, Jody has delivered exciting workshops at the science festival to show how magic can be used as an effective and engaging tool to engage learners in creativity. More information about Jody’s educational magic can be found at

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Magician Hire Reviews | Wedding Reviews

“We booked Jody for our fund raising event and he was superb. Everyone loved him and his tricks were quite simply out of this world. I have had people approach me looking to book him for future events. I would recommend him for any occasion as he is a master at work.” Fund Raising Event – Leanne Devlin

“Thank you for a such an entertaining Christmas meal, Jody. The magic was absolutely superb! All the guys are still talking about it. The Restaurant Manager will contact you when there is one of their theme nights. Thanks Again.” Party Meal – David Kerr

“Jody is an experienced entertainer with an in depth knowledge of his field. He excels at keeping his audience in awe and shows a level of professionalism rarely seen these days. Smartly turned out, Jody always turns up on time and works hard all night to ensure our customers are thoroughly entertained and mystified by his wide range of fantastic and hilarious close-up magic!” Edinburgh Pub Entertainment – Brian Cunningham

“Hi Jody, Thank you for being our wedding magician and performing at our wedding. All of our guests were talking about how good it was to have you there. They could not stop talking about how good you were and how you added that extra magic touch to our day. I would highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a bit of classy magic at their wedding day. Thank you!” Stefeny

“We had Jody perform some walk through magic and a short cabaret act at our event on the 12th November. We had approx. 60 people and they all raved about how fantastic Jody was…. They loved it. I definitely would recommend him to anyone that is thinking on doing something along the magic theme or even just something a bit different at a get together. It totally worked and people are still talking about it !!! Great job Jody…” Close-up and Cabaret Magic – Lorraine Campbell

“I hired Jody for the welcoming of guests to my party, and he went down brilliantly. He brought guests out of their shell and everybody was amazed by his magic. By the time all had arrived and been entertained by Jody, the party was set up with a brilliant and open atmosphere. Just the job! All the best Jody, and thanks.” Birthday Party –Donald Thow

“Thank you for a such an entertaining Christmas meal, Jody. The magic was absolutely superb! All the guys are still talking about it. The Restaurant Manager will contact you when there is one of their theme nights. Thanks Again.” Party Meal – David Kerr


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Jody Travel?

Jody is an Edinburgh Magician and travels all over Scotland. Magician services for Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen and the UK.

What award did Jody win in magic?

In 2010, Jody became the Forth Valley Magic Circle Champion. In his first year as a member, Jody wowed the audience of fellow magicians with his entertaining and magical performance.

What is a close up magician?

Sometimes known as a walk-around magician, table magician or mix and mingle magician. Like a good DJ, Jody mixes seamlessly (usually works in groups of 2 to 10) in a sophisticated manner to create an atmosphere of amazement and amusement. His high impact style of close-up magic is engineered to be the perfect ice breaker and bring people together to share entertaining moments of wonder that will leave an ever-lasting magical memory.

Can you see Jody perform before you hire him?

Jody is a magician based in Edinburgh, Scotland and will always try make time to meet potential clients. Given the time and location, Jody will try his best to meet up or have a Skype chat to discuss your event and demonstrate the style of magic he uses to wow audiences all over the country.

Does Jody perform for families?

Jody is an experienced entertainer and enjoys performing for families all over Scotland. It should be noted though, that Jody is not a ‘kids magician’. Jody will work with all the family at your wedding, private party or social get-together and will always perform the best tricks for the type of audience he is with. Jody is also the author and performer of a range of educational entertainment shows. Check out Arithmetrix (Be A Number Ninja!) and Flummix for more information.

How does Jody deal (excuse the pun!) with your enquiry?

When Jody receives your you enquiry, he arrange to call you to discuss how you and your guests can get the best from his magician services. Every gig is different: location, venue setting, amount of people and type of magician services required. Jody will provide you with a FREE consultation and recommendations based on the information you provide so that everybody can enjoy his unique, unforgettable and magical services.

Is Jody Insured?

Jody is a member of Equity and has full Public Liability Insurance.

Call Jody on 0777 264 9857

Jody will consult with you about how you and your guests can best enjoy his award winning magician services