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Aye Spy: How Jody became a top level unemployed secret agent!

Stage magician

Aye Spy

Some children want to be footballers, rock stars or astronauts. Not Jody… He wanted to be a spy! The lure of fast cars, glamorous women and high tech gadgets was the way he wanted to roll. Jody did what any self-respecting wannabe spy would do… He taught himself! Follow his hilarious and sometimes dangerous journey, as he learned the skills that would lead him to become a top level, unemployed, secret agent! This show is a fantastic mix of comedy, mystery and magic. Guaranteed to leave you shakin’ … with laughter!

Live Show Status

Operation: Aye Spy
Status: Live
Agent: Jody Greig
Grade: Entertainer
Next Target: Your Event
Agent Danger Level: High
Risk to Public: Low
Objective: Magic, Mystery & Comedy
Tools: Classified

Aye Spy Reviews

Edinburgh International Fringe Festival: Best Free Show, Edinburgh Evening News

“This is a fun show that’s like hanging out with a good mate and great storyteller with magic in between. It’s all good-natured fun, that had the audience in stitches at one point, then scratching our heads and wondering how he did that the next. Jody’s the best Scottish spy since Sean Connery.” Symon O’Hagan

“Really great show! A sublime blend of magic, mentalism and comedy. A well put together act that embraces it’s theme throughout. Go see it and watch a talented magician at work.” Hugh James

“Absolutely brilliant show! Loads of laugh, great fun and magic that we’ve not stopped talking about since. We’ll be back next year!” Duncan Sharp

“Amazing show! Fun, laughter and mystery throughout. Brilliant!” Stefeny Smith

“Thoroughly enjoyed this. The secret agent idea works well and binds the show together nicely. Jody has a real presence and is obvioulsy an extremely talented magician. Expect more form the cardsmith!” Mike Pinkerton

“Went to see Aye Spy last night with some friends and can honestly say, it was one of the best shows I have seen at the Festival. If you like comedy, magic and great storytelling then you won’t see a better show! Jody Greig is clearly a very talented man who had the audience laughing, cheering and there was a lot of head scratching going on… people wondering how the hell he pulled it off. Superb night and cam’t recommend it highly enough. Hopefully he is back next year as I will definitely be going to see him.” Derek Smith

“Hi Jody, Thank you very much for performing at The Balconie Inn last week, it was a thoroughly entertaining show. The feedback from my customers was amazing, and I shall definitely be booking you again. The feedback from the customers was that it was a very well thought out performance, and it was delivered perfectly, with the right amount of audience participation. I will be in touch over the summer to get you booked again, Thank you once again.” Ralph Mercer, The Balconie Inn

Stage Show Requirements


Stage Size: Minimum 3.5 x 2 meters

PA & Sound Desk: Required

Mic: Provided

Set-up Time: 15 mins

Show Length: 45 Mins

Call Jody on 0777 264 9857

Jody will consult with you about how you and your guests can best enjoy his comedy stage show.